Projects - Free cloud platform for secure neuroscience data analysis.

   Generate Tract Mask Shape Signature - This App takes tract masks and convert them to series of numerical values that chracaterizes each masks. The numerical values are generated from the flattened output of 3D convolutional layers using variational autoencoder network. The model is trained to classify tract names using HCP3T data. Output values could be used as a "shape signature" and compared against other similar shaped tracts.

   Analysis Platform for Risk, Resilience and Expenditure in Disasters (APRED) - APRED allows economic development practitioners to explore the disaster resilience scores of their county, likewise, the number of businesses within their county that could be more vulnerable to hazards and disasters because of the nature of the business, i.e., low infrastructure mobility, high reliance on public utilities like water and electricity, etc. Further, the end-users can also use APRED to review the storm history of the given county.

   Algorithm for checking diffusion data bvecs flipping - This app will quickly check the dwi image to see if any bvecs directions needs to be flipped. The algorithm finds bvecs that are pointing toward certain direction and find the volume slice within 4D DWI data and see how many image slices indeed seems to contain features that are orthogonal to the bvecs directions. Inconclusive output from this App usually means you have some data quality issue with your dwi.

   SQAN - Scalable Quality Assurance for Neuroimaging - is a modern web based quality control for medical imaging.

   One Degree Imager Portal - The ODI-PPA Science Gateway provides a uniform web portal interface for astronomers to view their data, search and filter for data and metadata, analyze existing data products, and submit/monitor data processing jobs.

   ezBIDS - A web service for converting directory full of DICOM images into BIDS without users having to learn python nor custom configuration file.

   autohpss - A simple, straightforward way to archive and restore data from HPSS(SDA).

   OHBM2020 Posters - OHBM2020's online poster session only provided a limited functionality. I've developed a backend and front end that allowed users to 1) search poster entries and screenshots, 2) meet via jitsu, and 3) leave a note via etherpost.

   brainlife/TractView -'s brain connectome(fiber) viewer using WebGL

   Indiana Spatial Data Portal - The Indiana Spatial Data Portal (ISDP) provides access to Indiana geospatial data. I've developed a backend services to request staging of data from IU's Scholarly Data Archive (HPSS) and make it available to the users for download.

   brainlife/NetworkNeuro - A unique visualizer that simultaneously shows a matrix of structural connections and the anatomy of the connections for

   brainlife/pRFViewer - pRF (virual pupulation receptive field) visualizer for

   Perfsonar pSConfig Web Admin - pSConfig Web Admin (PWA) is a web-based UI for perfSONAR administrators to define and publish MeshConfig/pSConfig meshes, which automates tests executed by test nodes, and provides topology information to various services, such as MadDash.