Projects  - Free cloud platform for secure neuroscience data analysis.
   ezBIDS  - A web service for converting directory full of DICOM images into BIDS without users having to learn python nor custom configuration file.
   autohpss  - A simple, straightforward way to archive and restore data from HPSS(SDA).
   OHBM2020 Posters  - OHBM2020's online poster session only provided a limited functionality. I've developed a backend and front end that allowed users to 1) search poster entries and screenshots, 2) meet via jitsu, and 3) leave a note via etherpost.
   brainlife/TractView  -'s brain connectome(fiber) viewer using WebGL
   brainlife/NetworkNeuro  - A unique visualizer that simultaneously shows a matrix of structural connections and the anatomy of the connections for
   brainlife/pRFViewer  - pRF (virual pupulation receptive field) visualizer for