Serving a glass of milk

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My daughter asks for glass of milk right before she goes to sleep.

I used to ask her why she can’t do that herself. I sometimes even refuse, but she usually insists and I often give in.

But then I started to think; children grow up fast, and they won’t be needing my help very soon. Well, I am the one who probably need her help before long.

When we help someone, is it always because the person really needs a help, or is it because they just wants to be helped to know that they are not alone? Shouldn’t we help someone, just because? Maybe the reason why my daughter asks me for milk before she goes to sleep is that it just comforts her to know that I am there for her, and her needs will be met; even the selfish ones. To reject her request thinking that it would help her to be independent seems like missing a point. We can do that plenty of time during a day.

So just before she goes to help, I serve her a glass of milk, just because..


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