Hello! I am a sofware engineer with a passion to make supercomputers easier to use.

I am currently working as the lead developer of Brainlife at Indiana University. Brainlife is an online platform for neuroscientists to publish datasets and apps to be executed via the web UI through HPC/cloud computing resources.

In the past, I’ve also worked on projects like ..

Before joining Indiana University, I’ve worked at Acxiom providing solutions for clients such as Dell/EMC, Capone, Citigroup, Discover, etc..

My most up-to-date skills ..

  • MEVN stack (nodejs, express, mongoose, vue) Software Stack
  • Vuejs, WebGL (Three.js) Web UI libraries
  • MongoDB, MySQL Database
  • Python, Bash Scripting
  • OpenStack/Jetstream, Azure, AWS Cloud Systems
  • Docker, Singularity Container
  • Ansible, LVS/keepalived, nginx, pm2, sensu, ELK DevOps
  • Ubuntu, RHEL7/Centos7 OS

Currently learning ..

  • Tensorflow / Machine Learning, AI

Not so long ago, I’ve worked on ..

  • Angular(v1), jQuery Web UI Framework
  • Electron, D3 UI libraries
  • PHP, Java, C/C++, C#, SAS Programming Languages
  • Oracle Database
  • IBM Datastage, Pentaho Kettle ETL / Data Warehousing
  • Windows/Solaris OS

You can read my random scribbles..

Thanks for visiting my homepage!

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