Hello! My name is Soichi (soy-chi) Hayashi, and I live in Bloomington, Indiana.

I am sofware engineer at Indiana University and I am currently working on a project called Brain Life

In the past, I’ve worked on projects like ..

Before I joined Indiana University, I’ve worked for Acxiom providing solutions for clients like ..

  • Dell EMC
  • CapOne
  • Citigroup
  • Discover Financial
  • Various media companies

My up-to-date skill sets ..

  • Web UI Vue.js, Bootstrap, Less, Electron, D3, WebGL (Three.js)
  • Backend nodejs (express, mongoose, amqp)
  • Database MongoDB, MySQL
  • Scripting Python, Bash
  • Cloud OpenStack, Azure.
  • Container Docker, Singularity
  • DevOps Ansible, Travis-CI, LVS/keepalived, nginx, pm2
  • Misc.. Sensu/Graphite, ELK
  • OS Ubuntu, RHEL7/Centos7

I am learning ..

  • Neo4J
  • Tensorflow / Machine Learning, AI

In the past, I’ve worked on ..

  • Web UI Angular(1)
  • Programming Languages PHP, Java, C/C++, C#, SAS
  • Database Oracle
  • Dataware Warehousing / ETL IBM Datastage, Pentaho Kettle
  • OS Windows


Thanks for visiting my homepage!

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